Nantero General Counsel Elected to National Post

Woburn, MA, September 1, 2011 – At its annual meeting held in Toronto, Canada in August 2011, the membership of the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Intellectual Property Law elected Nantero General Counsel & Chief IP Counsel Robert O. Lindefjeld to serve as its incoming Vice-Chairman. Previously, Rob had served as Chairman of the ABA Intellectual Property Law Section’s Patent Division and has been active in that organization since the start of his legal career. As a volunteer organization, the ABA Section of IP Law is comprised of approximately 25,000 legal professionals and is the largest such organization in the world. The ABA Section of IP Law serves to promote our nation’s intellectual property system and is a constant and respected voice on a vast variety of policy issues appearing before our nation’s Courts, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the United States Congress. In particular, the ABA has played a key role in the deliberations of Congress considering passage of patent law reform, commonly known as the “America Invents Act.”

“We are proud of Rob’s professional achievement. His election to a national post of significant importance not only reflects Rob’s continued dedication to Nantero, but also to the advancement of the legal profession as a whole and his genuine interest in helping shape our nation’s intellectual property laws going forward. Receipt of this high recognition from his peers, on a national level, only confirms what we already know about the tremendous talent that Nantero has attracted throughout our team,” said Greg Schmergel, Nantero’s co-founder and CEO.

Mr. Lindefjeld will serve in his capacity as Vice-Chairman for the term of one year. Following this role, he will serve as Chairman-Elect during the ABA’s 2012-13 term and finally as Chairman during the 2013-14 term.

During the 2011-12 term, in addition to Rob, the top leadership of the ABA’s Section of Intellectual Property Law will be Robert A. Armitage (Chairman), Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Eli Lilly and Company, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, and Joseph M. Potenza (Chair-Elect), a Senior Partner at the international intellectual property law firm, Banner & Witcoff, LLP, based in its Washington, DC office.

About Nantero:

Nantero is a nanotechnology company using carbon nanotubes for the development of next-generation semiconductor devices. Nantero’s main focus is the development of NRAMTM. Nantero is also working with licensees on the development of additional applications of Nantero’s core nanotube-based technology. More information on Nantero, Inc. is available in English and Japanese at

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